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a Lucia Mauro  film

Frances Xavier Cabrini: The People's Saint



The Filmmakers

Lucia Mauro (writer-director) and Joe Orlandino (producer) share a special devotion to Mother Cabrini and are members of the congregation of the National Shrine of St. Frances Xavier Cabrini in Chicago. They are the grandchildren of Italian immigrants and have established long ties with Italy through their filmmaking. Two of their films, In My Brother’s Shoes (2014) and One Year Later (2016), are set in Italy and in Chicago. In My Brother’s Shoes, about the brother of a fallen U.S. Marine who takes a healing pilgrimage to Rome in his sibling’s combat boots, won Best Short Film at the 2015 Mirabile Dictu International Catholic Film Festival at Vatican City; and was featured in the 2015 Cannes International Film Festival. One Year Later tells the story of a cancer survivor who finds solace and the will to move forward after taking a cathartic trip to the Italian Alps. It is shown throughout the medical community to provide support for cancer survivors and raise funds for cancer research. One Year Later screened at Montreal’s 2016 Visions of the World Film & Music Festival, where it was nominated for Best Original Score. Lucia’s and Joe’s films explore the idea of healing, resilience and human connection. Together, they founded In My Brother's Shoes, Inc., a 501c3 not-for-profit organization, in conjunction with their short film of the same title. It addresses through film post-traumatic stress disorder, cancer research and humanitarian efforts. Screenings are uplifting and inspiring. They bring groups of individuals together to focus on one's capacity to heal and overcome challenges.

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