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One Year Later

A New Film by Lucia Mauro


Not long after completing her inspiring short film, In My Brother's Shoes, writer-director Lucia Mauro wrote a bookend film with a similar healing theme. One Year Later tells the story of an American woman who takes a cathartic trip to the Italian Alps one year after completing cancer treatment. 


Liz, a dedicated college professor, struggles with her post-cancer life and changing priorities. Despite her husband’s well-meaning over-protectiveness, she takes a trip with their friends – an American couple living in Milan – to Italy. When her friends assume the role of worried caregivers and suffocate her with a jam-packed itinerary, she escapes to the Alps to find her space. Here, Liz is able to reassert her independence. She learns to go forward, and return to her family, with a renewed sense of self -- free of compliance, guilt and obligation.


The producers of One Year Later will donate the net proceeds from screenings to ovarian cancer research via a non-profit 501c3 organization called In My Brother’s Shoes, Inc. (originally founded in conjunction with their first short film in which donations are given to military veterans groups). In My Brother's Shoes, Inc. is dedicated to helping individuals and families suffering from the many forms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Donations are tax-deductible.


Shooting wrapped in October 2015 in Chicago, Ill., and Milan and Aosta, Italy. The film premiered in Fall 2016. It is produced by Atlas Media Group, in association with Polymyth Productions -- the same team that collaborated on In My Brother's Shoes.

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