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"In My Brother's Shoes is a gentle, honest, touching film that respectfully honors the sacrifice of our service men and women."

--Sergeant Major Robert Alvarez, Jr.

9th Marine Corps District


What we do

In My Brother's Shoes, Inc., produces empowering original narrative films & documentaries on healing, resilience and human connection. It shares them with and raises funds for a wide range of communities through live and online screenings. Those communities include military veterans battling PTSD, cancer support, medical centers, and religious & humanitarian organizations dedicated to charitable services, including assistance for the homeless population, immigrant & refugee support, and the poor. 


Who we are
An Illinois 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization founded by producer Joe Orlandino and writer-director Lucia Mauro in 2014 to create dialogue and a sense of community around their films addressing vital issues of our times, from PTSD to the emotional side of cancer survivorship to those in need. Its films (streaming, DVDs) and live & online showings raise funds for those causes.

Impact of your donation

Your donation allows In My Brother's Shoes, Inc., to create and produce films that make a difference and bring them (both live & online) to communities. Funds raised benefit veterans' PTSD resources & programs; the Christl Burgess Memorial Fund for Ovarian Cancer Research at Loyola University Medical Center; Ovarian Cancer Symptom Awareness; the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition; Mother Cabrini churches/shrines; and initiatives that assist immigrants and those experiencing homelessness & poverty.

All donations are tax-deductible.

Learn more about Lucia Mauro's new documentary,

The Loneliest Road, filmed in Summer 2021 in Fresno, California and Reno & Eureka, Nevada. Inspired by Silvio Manno's book, Charcoal and Blood, it chronicles the little-known 1879 Fish Creek Massacre in which five Italian-immigrant charcoal burners, striking for better wages, were shot dead by a sheriff's posse on the burgeoning mining frontier. It revisits the site and honors the multiethnic communities that shaped the American West. 

The film is moving into post-production, and we appreciate your support toward completing this topical work (via the

Donate Now button at the top of this page). Once complete, it will be presented to educational institutions and museums dedicated to immigration, mining, labor relations and American West history. 

Writer-Director Lucia Mauro's latest documentary, Ovarian Cancer & Early Detection: The Story of a Northwoods Community Making a Difference, celebrates how a community comes together on a grassroots level to foster positive change. Production wrapped in Fall 2022, & the film is moving into post-production. It is rooted in the vital mission of Ovarian Cancer Symptom Awareness (OCSA) in contributing to an early detection test for ovarian cancer via its collaboration with Penn Vet’s Canine Scent Detection Program. But behind the extraordinary OCSA-supported research taking place at Penn Vet is a dynamic and dedicated Hayward, Wisconsin group of volunteers, supporters, veterinarians, artists and business leaders uniting organically to help humanity flourish. Co-produced by OCSA and In My Brother's Shoes.

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