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In My Brother's Shoes, Inc.

Our award-winning non-profit films provide funds & emotional support to veterans, cancer survivors, immigrants, the homeless & those in need.

Help us create & share films that empower communities & raise money for great causes. 

an Illinois 501 (c)(3) tax-exempt non-profit 

Excerpt from our documentary, "I Have a Name," that puts a respectful face on homelessness through the programs of The Chicago HELP Initiative.

"Thank you for this wonderful work, for sharing it with the world and for hopefully inspiring more people to help others live their best lives."

-- Linda H., audience member

Our films have raised thousands for:

Veterans & PTSD


In My Brother's Shoes

Cancer Support


One Year Later



Frances Xavier Cabrini:

The People's Saint

Journal Therapy/Eldercare


Voci del diario (Entries)

Homelessness & Need


I Have a Name

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